Tideswell Tales

Voices and Pictures from Tideswell and Litton's recent past

How we got started

Several members of the Tideswell Tales group (Mary, Judy, Paul and Bill) were previously involved in the Totally Tideswell project (also known as the Tideswell Trails Project). In 2009, a spinoff group from Taste Tideswell (as seen on BBC TV “Village SOS” – creating the Tideswell School Of Food) was set up to produce self guided trails around the village. These are available as leaflets, as well as downloadable PDFs and mp3 audio files on the Visit Tideswell website (http://www.visittideswell.co.uk/tideswell-trails). To gather stories for the trails, we held a Memories Day where people could drop in to the church hall for a coffee and biscuits and swap stories of the “good old days”. The event proved to be so successful that we had far more stories than were needed for the trails. With such a wealth of stories in the village we agreed that they should be preserved for future generations and so Tideswell Tales was born.


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