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Voices and Pictures from Tideswell and Litton's recent past

Eating Lamb

Audrey Hopkins recalls the shocking realisation of eating lamb you’ve raised by hand.

“Yes and I can remember as a child I used to go there to play, my great friend Ann Hudson lived there and I can remember those buildings that are now a holiday cottage, their father killing beasts in their, round the back, yes because all the farmers seemed to have like a little small holding where they reared animals. It was quite funny yesterday at Norman Gibbs funeral they told the story about his wife, Patsy, there were just a young married people and they’d got the shop and he’d got some sheep and she looked after the cade lambs. She was really getting well into it and taking the milk up to the fields to feed them and then one particular Sunday she happened to remark to Norman, ‘my word this is a lovely piece of lamb we’re having today’ and he said ‘well it should be you fed it with plenty of milk’ it was one of her cade lambs, so she never fed them again cause she didn’t want to think she was eating one them that she’d reared. But that was what all the farmers had a bit of land and reared animals. Mr Gratton, the butcher further down Queen Street, he had land on Sherwood Road, down towards Meadow Lane, which is now his Grandson’s farm because they gradually added a bit more land and Stephen was interested in farming and so that’s how that developed and I think probably that’s how it worked with quite a few families, you know one of the sons would be interested in farming so they’d continue that way. But I think most of the meat round here that was eaten was reared round here.”



About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

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This entry was posted on January 22, 2015 by in Food.
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