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Picture House on a shilling

Picture House 05a (160)

Malcolm Burton talks about the Picture House on Sherwood Road.

“Somebody we used to call Ma Goodwin, she was the usherette if you like, she issued the tickets, the lot, an old lady with glasses as I recall and she was replaced after that. It was about threepence a seat, we used to have a shilling in our pocket, twelve old pence and we used to go to the cinema and call at Barber’s chip shop afterwards get a bag of chips with it”


About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

2 comments on “Picture House on a shilling

  1. Barbara white
    November 19, 2014

    I don’t know if it’s possible to ask questions to this address but it might be worth trying. I would so much like to know if this Malcolm Burton telling about the cinema was a friend of my late husband Tom White, who once lived in Market Square and also High Street. Tom was born in 1939 and so was his friend Malcolm I think. If he is the “right” Malcolm he must have a lot to tell!

    With best regards, Barbro (Barbara) White

    Nykoping, Swede

    • Bill Bevan
      November 19, 2014

      Thanks Barbara for posting your comment without your email address. We didn’t want to make it public and open to spammers. We’re passing your message on to Malcolm and can forward your email address to him if you wish.

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