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Tideswell Living History Group AGM

Tideswell Living History Group re holding their AGM on Friday 23rd May, 10am at Vanilla Kitchen.

Please come along to find out what the group has been doing and to discuss any aspect of the project. Please also come along if you would like to get involved in recording the living history of Tideswell.

The group has been active since 2011. To date we have recorded over 60 oral history interviews, collected hundreds of historic photos, held a number of memories days, social evenings and public presentations of the archive, worked with Tideswell Players on a performance for Wakes Week, held a poetry competition and saved the Fountains Square phone box as the Tideswell History Box.


About Bill Bevan

Bill Bevan is an archaeologist, writer, photographer and heritage interpreter.

2 comments on “Tideswell Living History Group AGM

  1. Thomas Lloyd
    May 24, 2014


    I’m sorry to trouble you but I sometimes like to show relatives or just people I know the 2 clips that Helen Middleton did with children at Litton School from my Mother’s book “A Derbyshire Childhood”. My Mother is Lena Lloyd. It is on the Growing Up In Litton bit but when I try and get to hear the children read the two excerpts, there is just a grey block with “Soundcloud” in it but I can’t get to hear anything. It is the same for the other one or two clips in that section. I was able to get to hear it at one stage – I think it showed a blue hand and you had to click on an arrow but this is no longer the case.
    Is it possible to get to part of the website where I could hear these clips? I would be so pleased to be able to hear them and even better to be able to get onto the site and hear them whenever I wanted other people to be able to hear them.
    I should be very happy if you would be able to show me a way to do the above. Please could you show me how to do so if it is possible?
    Thanks in anticipation of your help.

    Tom Lloyd

    • Bill Bevan
      May 27, 2014

      Hi Tom, Thank you for your comment.

      What operating system and internet browser are you trying to listen to them on? Is it on a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone?

      I’ve just tried them and they are playing fine for me. I see the hand and play arrow, and can hear the audio well. A grey box shows briefly while the audio players load up. Could it be the internet connection was a bit slow when you tried them?

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