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Voices and Pictures from Tideswell and Litton's recent past

History Box Launch

A few photos from Friday’s Launch of the Tideswell History Box.

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The Project

We launched the project in April 2012 to preserve and communicate the recent past of Tideswell, a village in Derbyshire, UK to collect the memories and old photographs of Tideswell and … Continue reading

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School, Wakes and Go-Cart Races

Kathryn and Paul Black talk about school involvement in Wakes Week during the early 1980s. “Did the school ever do anything towards Wakes? Just before our time, the children had … Continue reading

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Eating Lamb

Audrey Hopkins recalls the shocking realisation of eating lamb you’ve raised by hand. “Yes and I can remember as a child I used to go there to play, my great … Continue reading

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World War Sideboard

Audrey Hopkins recalls hiding in the sideboard during a Second World War bombing raid on Sheffield. “Audrey what’s your first memory of Queen Street in Tideswell? Well, my first memory … Continue reading

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Tideswell Co-op

Terry Yates talks about the Co-operative Store in Tideswell. “I was at Lady Manners until 1949 and I left when I was 15, couldn’t get away quick enough.  Before I … Continue reading

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Lost shops of Litton

Arthur Barnsley recalls the ‘lost’ shops of Litton village. “Shops. We had the co-op it was Stafford Hill I think it was called who ran it at that time, the … Continue reading

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Picture House on 3 shillings

Malcolm Burton talks about the Picture House on Sherwood Road. “Somebody we used to call Ma Goodwin, she was the usherette if you like, she issued the tickets, the lot, … Continue reading

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Wakes Decorations

Terry Yates describes how everyone got involved in Tideswell wakes, including the rivalry to decorate houses and streets the best. “What’s your earliest memory of Wakes Week? Wakes Weeks everybody … Continue reading

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Majorettes Legs

Beryl Robinson describes working in the chemist in Tideswell and making their own dye for the majorettes to put on their legs for the Wakes performances. “I loved it, because … Continue reading

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What is Wakes?

Mary Landon introduces Tideswell Wakes, an important event in the village calendar. “Wakes Week is a celebration of St John the Baptist which is who the local church is dedicated … Continue reading

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Car Number Plates

Mary Landon recalls the childhood excitement of waiting for a car to drive through Tideswell so she could take down its number. She’d be busy if she tried that today. … Continue reading

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